Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am reminded every day how spectacular God's grace and his glorious beauty is!

I am ready to forgive you. It is hard and some what breathe taking to say. I still cringe at the memories and I still feel angry in my heart. But I think I've grown enough to still be strong and to forgive. I know that God will take away the hurt and I know that his grace will be enough. I've learned that with every blessing, I am one step closer to forgiving those who have hurt me over the past few years. Some are going to be harder than others, but not forgiving only leaves the holes and the unspoken words. I find that with the tears that seem to pour from my eyes, that my heart no longer wants to relive the past over and over again, every day. I'm ready for a new beginning and I've found that in so many people this year.

My nephew Kade, is probably the best thing that's happen to me since the spongebob movie! :) Still only 7 months old, but I want to be the best aunt! He always brings a smile to my face. I know that with parents like Michael and Leah, he will grow to be the man of God he was called to be! I want to be someone in his life, he can look up to! And I don't want to be pulling around the past like a immature high school student!

Corey Michael Scott - the coolest person i know, besides Kade! I seriously don't know what I would do without him! And don't worry I'm not going to go on a rant about all the things I like about him, but I will name a few. I love his laugh, his smile, the way he looks at me. He puts up with my goofy side, my nerdy side, my craziness!! I'm not normal lets just put it that way! :) The thing that i've learned though, is when I say he's my best's so much different than an actual best friend. And I'm sure that doesn't make sense, but it does to me. It wasn't the best friend I had in Jessie. It's not the best friend I have in my sister,Cara, mandy, billy, bo and joel. I can't explain it sorry!

I consider these two boys a blessing, new blessings, that keep my life on track. They both make me strive to be a better person! They both bring so much joy in my life. And so many other people do that too. My sister, who keeps me strong in God and strong in life. My church family who always supports me. My parents who pray for me and pray for me and pray for me. My best friends who always make me laugh. It's a cycle of blessing, blessing from my God.

I sit here wanting to write more, but the piles of clothes outside my bedroom door are calling and I've ignored them long enough!

Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope, you're going to do great things, I already know!
Love always,
Callie Marie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Most birds can fly.

This semester has been a day to day progress in two of my classes. At the first of the semester one of our broadcasting teachers hurt her back and was unable to attend classes for a week. That week turned into to two weeks, and two weeks turned into 6 weeks. We have 7 weeks left and they are just now laying down the law. Since there are no more broadcasting teachers to take care of our class, they have put the leadership roll, in the hands of two graduate assistants. These two individuals feel the need to crack the whip a little harder than we (as in us broadcasting students) are used to. An email was sent out to all of us, explaining that there would be test and quizes given in this particular class.

Let me be brutely honest for a few minutes. One of the many reasons that I love broadcasting so much, is that everything is mostly hands on. I, myself, learn better if I am taught using hands on material. In the year and a half, almost two years that I've been here, I have only had one broadcasting class that had mutiply tests. And that was an introduction class. Everything else has been projects using cameras, radio, learning how to books, no notes kinda of class. So when someone comes in and says, "hey we're going to have quizes in a class", that in no way needs to have quizes or test, my first reaction is, "Um hey, I didn't sign up for this. Just because your in charge now, doesn't mean you need to make this harder on us, then it already has been without a teacher."

"Leadership is not always given to those who deserve it, but rather given just because there is no one else to do the job!"

I am disappointed and angry at the fact that two graduate students were given the job, not because they deserve it, or because they can teach the class, but rather because we have no one else.

I am only praying that God make everyday like yesterday! Successful, full of happiness, and a feeling of accomplishment!

With Love,
Callie Marie.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday!

I did not dislike was the best day of my life!
This morning in math class I did not giggle when my teacher revealed "95% is nice and big and round and easy to understand. So it gets used alot." in her notes that she put on the board. Nope not me!
I did not just realize that once again my favorite pair of flats have a hole in them. I will not be wearing them again and I will put them in the trash immediatly.
I did not walk all the way to the 5th floor from the 1st floor to make copies of the "old" reservation sheets we use in broadcasting, and I did not return with 50 copies only to find Daniel laughing at me and showing me the new forms. Go Green!?! Nope not me.
I did not just email the men's tennis coach, and I did not just realize that I have no idea how I emailed him or how I am going to get an email back. I did however go to my goldmail account and there sits that email I just sent him. I am so glad that I will not have to email him back.

So today's not over and I'm sure I will have plenty more of these! Enjoy!
I feel like I have accomplished so much today, but I haven't really. I did get up in time to go to my math class and that's a miracle in itself :). We worked in groups and I got a 10/10 on a homework assignment. I got to work on time and Tammy praised me for it because no one else showed up. I checked in a camera, a lighting kit, an xlr cable and scheduled students into the computer to check out camera's tomorrow. I still have a test to finish, a promo to do, a player profile/sports package to start, and interviews. This semester is kicking my butt! I still have one more class and then hopefully, I can head to radio and finish a few of these projects. I am super tired and I really want the bunny mac and cheese I bought last night at the store.
So for now...find hope in the smallest things, stand firm when the storm comes, and always remember that God loves us and he can take care of any problem!
With Love,
Callie Marie

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Bro, Ashely's here"

"This is a gift for you,
upwrap your life!"
-Attack Attack
What do you see when you look at these six guys. For me, I see courage. And even though these six guys do not claim to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, their lyrics sure are bold!
"We live for what he's worth, and that's more than you'll know. He died for what he loved, and what he loved was you!" - Attack Attack
I met this band about 2 years ago, never read their lyrics, only enjoyed their screaming as I entered a new style in music. I'll admit that I had never found interest in screamo music. A lot of people consider it "devil music". A lot of people, cannot understand this type of music, and a lot of people just don't find it appealing.
It's hard to explain how this type of music soothes me. So I will not explain. What I will say is that, a lot of people judge, these grungy, "metalcore" bands. But looking a little closer, could suprise you.
Tonight I was so excited to read most of Attack Attack's new album lyrics!
God creates all of us in different ways, different styles, but we all have one thing in common, we were made to worship! And even though, we may not all worship the same, giving God the glory is what matter's most! So scream, sing, speak, we were made for a purpose, to honor our KIng!
"And this is my call to the faithful, I'll be for only you.
Doing what you, have called to me,
No one could ever understand,
My shame you took, with those nails in your hand.
Get up, get up, He's calling your name,
don't have to be something your not!"
"And here's your escape,
he calls out your name, you fall to your knees
And answer his call....
Lord I will be anything for you"
With Love,
Callie Marie

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Would you like a spot of tea?

I have been singing worship songs ever since westin's funeral. I'm thinking he told God, that he wanted everyone there, "To just be quiet already and just worship!"

We sit on my bed, laughing at random people who appear on the screen. But on one occasion a boy with a banana suit appears on our screen and we fall into laughter. My mother would say, "This is so dangerous." But the truth is I've got my mamaw's genes and meeting new people is what excites me. Let me explain first about the website, you have no axcess to log in, no one knows your name unless you chat with the person on your screen and tell them yourself and you can next people as soon as you seen them and don't approve. My roommates tell me its creepy but they sit beside me, out of the camera's view and giggle as we pass by a lot of strange people. Now back to the story. Last night, as we were "chating" a boy in a banana suit happened upon our screen. We didnt' push next right away instead we sat there and laughed for a good 5 minutes, and then I ask him why he was wearing this suit. He typed in that it made people smile, and he enjoy doing so. He explained he had lots of cool hats and preceeded to put on another one. This one, had a Irish hat and beard. Pretty funny!! At that time two of his friends walked into the room. We begin to chat in the text box. They were from UK, in a dorm room, it was 1 in the morning there, and this is the exciting part.....wait for it.....When they finally figured out that they could talk to us through web cam.......well first of all there accents were amazing, we had them say all sorts of things in their british accents, but that's not even the best part. Dom the main guy who we first met is majoring in journalism, Rik the second guy is majoring in broadcasting, both of them together have a radio show every wednesday night. And even though those that read this are shaking their heads, I think its amazing how people all around the world can have the same interest as us. So every wednesday nights I'm going to be listening to Dom & Rik: North vs South, OMG Radio. And no it doesn't stand for "Oh My God" as I later learned. haha :)

I'm thanking God for the day, but praying for corey to get back before the weekend. This is so frustrating!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love letter #1

Dear you:

As I sit here thinking what to write, I can only say that this week has been the hardest yet. Although I am excited that you are out exploring new options and meeting people who will one day help you achieve your goals, I hate the fact that I can't talk to you face to face and I hardly get to talk to you on the phone. I'm pretty sure the only reason I have gotten through this week is with God and the people who make my life enjoyable "my roommates, and my broadcasting friends".

As I think of the past month and this one to come, I am over whelmed with how different our relationship is, then my past ones. I am still very jealous, but our relationship contains a friendship, that I wouldn't trade for the world. We have a lot in common and we share the same frustrations.

I only pray for one thing. And that is that your family, especially your father will come to know Jesus and that he will heal from the hurt he has experience in his past. I have seen and heard how hard you want to please your father, and I think you have achieved just that. You make me proud everyday. You are stronge, smart and loving and I couldn't ask for anything better. I know your dad sees the same thing, even though you doubt he does.

The most important thing for you to realize is that you need to stay strong in God. I, nor God expect you to change, just because you think that is how you will get by in your major. The people who you say, "Cheat" to get to the top, are the ones who have no talent at all. But I have seen all the talent that God has given you and I know he will do great things in your life.

I will continue to pray for you and for your family. And I will continuously thank God, that I met you, that first day in survey to Broadcasting! :) Oh and I forgive you for sending me that text in class, making my embarrassing ringer go off, me searching desperately for it in my backpack, and all the stares that came during this process. Thank you so much for being the person you are.

I love you very much,
Callie marie

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Aww shucks, I wish I could've gone too"

Lift your hands up high to worship
wish the music was louder
wish the worship lasted longer
hoped that God got through to them
that Glory is given to the almighty
and not through an old guitar.

He was invited to our church a million times, and a million times he denied it. Excuses over excuses only making the pile higher. He created an image of an in-between. Thanking God for his talent but ignoring the whole purpose of his creation. He would stand on stage, lying to the audience, screaming non-sense into a microphone, but "God bless" at the end of each show. The goal was to make himself known.

He walked into the church tonight, his head held high, because tonight, he could do the in-between thing. Playing for glory, but hoping he would somehow 'honor' the king. But the non-sense still was the theme. He'll always remain the "peter pan" scene, of a boy who will never grow up.

So with my hands held high, I'll worship my king.
Pray for forgiveness
Peace and understanding
The heart of a true princess
A girl trying to overcome the past.

"Everything you do just screams I love you...."

With Love,
Callie marie